2019 Featured BCD's

The Commander combines the advantages of a dorsal air chamber with the versatility of a traditional vest and provides two spacious zipper pockets in addition to an incorporated weight system. It is an interesting 100% dorsal volume product, light yet durable (3.250 kg size M), very compact and easy to transport. Now, the harness system is completely independent from the air bladder in the shoulder pad area too, giving the vest absolute stability on the diver’s body, completely freeing the chest, armpit and abdominal areas from pressure due to the expansion of the bladder against the back and around the tank. Scratch-resistant shoulder pads for use with lightweight wet suits. Abdominal area with low side lobes and spacious zipper pockets.

Carbon combines traditional structure with notable buoyancy, due to its unique waist-length shape, larger wings and cylindrical spacers inside the chamber. It is extremely hydrodynamic, making it a jacket with an unusual relationship between buoyancy / stowing volume / ease of movement underwater. It is a light, durable, comfortable, affordable and well-balanced model with large capacity pockets. This jacket integrates the 2.0 version of the weight LOCK AID SYSTEM,

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